Exploring ecommerce

Give a boost to your business by adding an online presence to your business.

What is ecommerce?

Electronic business or ecommerce is a term for any sort of business, or business transaction that includes the transfer of informative data crosswise over the Virtual world. It blankets an extent of better sorts of professions, from customer based retail locales, through closeout or music posts, to business trades bartering products and utilities between companies. It’s right now one of the most unbelievably foremost viewpoints of the online world to develop.

ecommerce permits shoppers to electronically trade products and utilities with no hindrances of time or separation. Electronic business has developed quickly over the past five years and is surmised to carry on because of current circumstances, or even quicken. In the close fate the verges between “tried and true” and “electronic” business will come to be in an every expanding degree smeared as increasingly specialties move areas of their operations onto the online world.

Business to Business or B2B points to electronic trade between professions as opposed to between a business and a buyer. B2B markets regularly bargain with hundreds or even many different professions, either as clients or suppliers. Fulfilling the aforementioned transactions electronically furnishes unlimited intense favorable circumstances over conventional techniques. When achieved truly, eCommerce  is frequently speedier, cheaper and additional favorable beyond the customary strategies of dealing merchandise and aids.

Why ecommerce is so effective in marketing

The utilization of e-business in setting up an internet business gives a vast extend of showcasing profits and chances.

Beginning an internet business might be as effortless as setting up an essential shop on eBay to pitch a few wholesale parts, to concocting an altogether late on the net thought with a novel way of monetizing it.

The main marketing advantages of ecommerce include:

  • Much cheaper and faster to set-up.
  • Open for business 24×7-unlimited store hours
  • Takes into account more modest business or specialty fragment targeting.
  • Permits more effortless conveyance of qualified information & uphold (e.g. portrayals, client explorations, representations, FAQs)
  • Approachable wherever there is on the net access
  • Expands mark and feature mindfulness
  • Helps create client loyalty -a well-planned site makes it more straightforward for clients to shop.
  • An amazing method of boosting incomes from an existing business with a physical area
  • Helps create new relationship opportunities with potential customers, suppliers & partners.
  • Potential to flatter prices-fewer deals staff, no requirement for a physical area and so on.

What we will provide you

We help small and medium sized enterprises to develop the online presence and provide them a platform to sell their products online.

  • Website Features
  • Displaying Featured Products on Home Page
  • Menu > 3 Level Categorization
  • Quick Search
  • Advanced Search
  • Category Wise Product Listing
  • Manufacture Wise Product Listing
  • Narrow by Search
  • Compare Products Feature
  • Add to Wish List Product
  • Add to Cart (No Ajax)
  • Product Detail Page
  • Image Zooming
  • Product Reviews(Reviews Listing and Write a Review)
  • Manufacturer Info on Product Detail Page
  • Print Product Detail page
  • Related Products and Similar Products on Product Detail Page
  • Product Specification
  • Newsletter Signup
  • Shopping Cart
  • Coupon Redemption on Shopping Cart page
  • One Page Checkout
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • My Account
  • Order History and Order View
  • Manage Account Information
  • Manage Addressee
  • Order Tracking
  • SEO Optimized URL Management
  • Persistent Shopping Cart
  • Search Auto complete
  • Admin Features
  • Add/Edit/Delete Categories
  • Add/Edit/Delete Products
  • Add/Edit/Delete Additional Fields for products
  • Import/Export Products
  • Add/Edit/Delete Customers
  • Import/Export Customer
  • Generate Google Sitemap
  • Add/Edit/Delete Tax Information
  • Set Configuration for Shipping
  • Create Coupons by using various condition
  • Manage Orders, Create New Orders, Ship Orders
  • Send Invoices
  • Create CMS Pages
  • Reports for sales/Shopping Cart/Products/Customers/Reviews/Search Terms
  • Create Admin Accounts and give specific rights
  • Create Newsletter templates
  • Product can be assign to multi categories
  • Additional Advance Features
  • Ajax Cart
  • Product Tagging
  • Manage Product Wise Discount Offers
  • Best sellers Products Displaying
  • Products Alerts
  • Quick View (zoom-lens view)

Philadelphia Cigar and Tobacco Company

We are glad to announce our new born relations with Philadelphia Cigar and Tobacco Co. We recently launched the website for them. They provide thousands of cigars with some top of the line domestic and imported hand-rolled Cigars. Most importantly they have a very nice lounge with flat screen televisions and with perfect ambiance for smoking cigars at leisure. They are located at 2417 Welsh rd # 18,Philadelphia ,PA 19114